Joint Venture / Associates and Partners

Joint Venture / Associates and Partners

Profit Oman Division

Profit Oman is part of ARG Holding, having interest in a wide range of business activities. This division was born out of a desire to serve the Oman Industry and bring about a turnaround in business.

Under the brand ‘Profit Oman’, a team of experts who together have more than 40 years of experience, in start-ups, restructuring, turnaround, product development, strategy development, business performance management, risk management thru policies & procedures and internal audit, financial management.

Thus as a team, we cover main areas of business Marketing, Finance & General Management.

Joint Venture

Associates and Partners


Various SME’s

SME’s are important drivers of growth in economies across the globe. We help them to kick start and move on.

Bilingual School

We aim to help bilingual education and provide support for school growth.


It introduce us to an ever increasing variety of options. We provide front-facing technology for painless customer management.

We welcome new Associates and Partners