1. SMEs play a vital role for the growth of Oman / Country’s economy by producing quality products & contributing decently to export earnings and also create jobs.
  2. As a result SMEs have business opportunities and also prospects for growth and diversification. Statistical definition of SMEs varies by country and is usually based on the size of investment/assets, value of sales, number of employees, etc.
  3. Within economic policies, pursuing structural adjustment, privatisation and others SME is recognized as the key area to supply job opportunities and to provide goods and services. The SME possess distinct advantages like, demand less capital and not so sophisticated operations, with simple organization structure including ability to fill limited demands in specialized markets, the flexibility to adapt rapidly to changing demands and conditions, highly motivated owner/managers etc. is heterogeneous.
  4. Challenges faced by SMEs like limited capital & expertise, ineffective strategies and poor follow-up, etc. are business opportunities wanting the most appropriate solutions that which can be offered by experienced & qualified professionals.
  5. We from Star House International, a member company of Al Riyami Global Holding LLC with ‘Profit Oman’ as brand name, can offer the following services to SMEs from incubation to spin off / divestment.
  1. Review the financial / business health & the financial performance and financial position along with the business plan (help draw a business plan if not available).
  2. Advise on good practices of financial management covering aspects like sources of funding (equity & debt), working capital management with emphasis on cash operating cycle.
  3. Analyse Investing In Business Assets—capex (or leasing), methods to maintain financial discipline etc. overall to cover aspects of investing, financing and dividend decision.
  4. Help client prepare suitable budgets/ forecast statements as part of analysis and control of operations.
  5. Help client with financing arrangement with banks / nbfcs for their business needs, towards this prepare suitable statements to explain the amount and the kind of facilities required.
  1. Help business units to establish and strengthen their working relationship with suppliers & customers thru proper and acceptable agreements or MOUs or formal discussions.
  2. Search and advise on the markets / customers or marketing activities to push/improve sales or establish line of activities to improve sales.
  3. Review the IT system and help clients have the right and required information and communication system (ERP) on the business activities and performance / results for planning, controlling and decision making.
  4. Review the people resource and advise on employee engagement, talent development, team building / structuring, to have the right people at the right place through most appropriate recruitment procedures.
  5. Help clients know about 'doing business in Oman’ in terms of forms of organization and regulations and also arrange for compliance with the requirements.
  1. Review the product keeping in mind the technology, competition or advancements in the field, pricing strategy, etc. and advise client for appropriate action.
  2. Based on the interest expressed by client, advice on new lines of product for Trading / agency. If accepted, negotiate with manufacturer for dealership / agency including examination of the terms and conditions of the arrangement and the kind or amount of commission, etc.
  3. On the other hand take forward the inquiry from foreign manufacturers and connect with local business houses for agency / dealership arrangement and establish cordial working relationship based on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
  4. Get project Specified Product Registered With Regulators/ministry by submission of required technical details.
  5. Conduct market research as competitive intelligence for the primary and secondary market and analogue competitors.
  6. As part of business development services introduce products / services to multiple clients, obtain feedback from clients and educate the client.
  1. As part of the performance improvements or enhancements review the business processes including procurement, resources used, etc. This exercise shall include the entire value chain from end to end for non-value added activities and its elimination, and also review the operations for lean management.
  2. Advise and prepare clients for ISO certification and QSHE standards. Generally help clients pre/during/post ISO audit for procedures and compliance.
  3. Help client draw the business plans/strategy from their mission vision statement.
  1. Review and examine client operations for the operational and financial risks in relation to the operating business. Advise & guide client on risk assessment & management thru internal policies, controls, and manuals.
  2. Perform internal audit to check on efficiency and effectiveness on operations and also report on the risk, control and corporate governance.
  1. As part of the organization growth / diversification plans, review and discuss and advise on the organic and inorganic growth either as expansion of business activities or as integration of businesses by horizontal, vertical methods to create value for shareholders & stakeholders.
  2. Review and consider JVs or SPVs for proposed activities (limited duration or limited line of activities), these JVs could be local or in the international markets.
  3. Review the terms and condition s of such JV/SPV and help client with the meaning and implication of the said terms and conditions.
  1. Review and examine resources, methods, finance and products of loss making units and advice on turnaround procedures and timelines include the cost of turnaround.
  2. Examine the solvency situation and advice on financial restructuring to manage cash flows and to honour the financial commitments. Per the desire of the share holders’ review and advise on the divestment / sale of activities or segments or business unit.
  1. As per the instruction from client carry out audit as part of assurance service engagement.This engagement can be for all the activities or for specific activities like purchase / sales / support services, etc and in line with GAAS, and
  2. Liaise with internal / external auditors / audit committee / BoDs on the audit program works, discuss on behalf of client on the observations noted and impact on the Operations and also implementation of suggestions, and
  3. Carry out due diligence works as part of business acquisition or acquiring a stake in the target entity.
  1. Guide clients in making their choice of investment alternatives by analyse and
  2. Review investment opportunities using tools like NPV, IRR, payback period, etc.
  3. Prepare and submit market report/ segment (industry) report to educate clients on the market conditions and / or opportunities.
We offer a wide range of services, as per the client’s needs, turning around loss-making, stagnant units into diversified business modules with expansion programs.

Sage 100 Sage 100 is perfect for small and medium businesses growing beyond their accounting software. This solution is ideal for light manufacturers.

Sage 300 Sage 300 is perfect for small and medium businesses that manage multiple locations, currencies, and languages. Access online or on your mobile device.

Sage X3 Sage X3 introduces a better way to manage your entire enterprise—from procurement to manufacturing, distribution, and financials. Sage X3 takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world

Sage Solutions for every business:

No matter what size your business is or what industry you're in, Profit Oman can help to find
your perfect solution.

Running a business isn’t an easy endeavour. It can be a startup entrepreneur or a running organisation, one does not only require to be a generalist, they will also face an encounter with numerous hurdles and disappointments along the way as well. Companies are always looking for ways to streamline their practices. For many businesses, the first step is implementing an enterprise resource planning system. This solution can change the way companies operate, making practices more efficient. There is a wealth of experience out there that can prevent startup entrepreneurs or organisation’s to step into common traps. Profit Oman team provides an esprit de corps services with related to Sage ERP applications in conjunction with Implementation partner ZBM.

Zawawi Business Machines LLC(ZBM) provides since point access to the customer to get the latest technology based total IT solutions involving integration of different hardware/ software platforms, geographically different places and to have online reliable and useful information without compromising on costs or information security. Has more than thirty trusted sage customers across Sultanate of Oman.

Sage has more than 30 years of experience helping small and medium companies manage business. With more than 3 million customers worldwide to be more effective by making smarter decisions. Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, Sage is a solution in every stage that's more flexible and scalable than other traditional ERP solutions.

Sage provides a scalable set of business management and CRM solutions, which deliver lasting benefits and reduced cost of ownership, no matter what industry your business is in. Moreover, the breadth of Sage ERP solutions extend to the supply chain, warehousing/ logistics, service management, mixed mode manufacturing and retail sector - all rounded off with business intelligence tools that provide automated, up-to-date, accurate and well presented reports for informed decision-making. SAGE also provide award winning CRM functionality. With Sage CRM as an integrated or standalone offering to all our customers, delivering classic components including sales force automation, customer care, marketing (including e-marketing) and web self-service portals.

Real Estate Advisory Services

      (On special request from the client). We help either to sell or buy the land or arrange a team of professionals, namely Civil Consultants, Civil Contractors, MEP Contractors, thereby acting as the client’s representative.

Industry and Market Analysis and Research.

      We conduct a wide range of marketing research across the Sultanate as per the client’s needs. Data collection can be compounded to data analysis giving pros and cons of the survey subject.

Managerial Training

      to suit the client's needs. Cost-saving techniques in a manufacturing process which are from associates who are leaders in the field. C++ business training program for new business comers.

ISO/TQM Implementations

      through our associate partners. Here the services are being divided into two segments namely i) We make basic preparatory level documentation, training programs, concept implementations, mock up trial audits. ii) Our associate partners who are licensed for ISO audits will provide the final touch and certification part.

ERP Solution

      tailor-made for the clients through our associate partners. We can design the Business Modules for the Client as well as for the associates Partner.

Green World, Clean World

      We have on our board a management professional with two decades of expertise in the ceramics industry who can handle A to Z in Ceramic Industry.

Feasibility Study

      A wide range of feasibility and market analysis can be carried out as per the client's needs starting with new product/s launch, scrutinising product strength or product presence in the market.

Product Development

      Our company specialises in designing and building new products. We work with our client on a Start-up Budget, Entrepreneurs who are starting a Business and Businesses who are looking for further expansion, after selling products for years.

The team and its expertise

Prakash Appadurai

More than thirty years of experience in Manufacturing, trading, applications,
specializations in sale, marketing, product development, general management.